1965 Recruiting Film

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1965 Recruiting Film

Postby webmaster » Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:31 pm

I have managed to track down the 1965 recruiting film made at Balcombe. I remembered it being made as I am featured in it. It is brillant and should be in the hands of all appys. I have the contact information for people to see it on the web and how to contact Film Australia to get the complete DVD for their own files. I believe this should be right up there with your notices and also in the newsletter for those who do not have internet access.
The film goes for 20 minutes and follows the life of an appy.
It is in colour
Goes through all the trade wings
Goes through the school of music
Life in the huts
In the Gym
In the mess (I am the one eating the meal)
Showes a battalion parade with the BSM and the Commandant
Finishes with the band leading a company through the front gates
When it opens at the building trade wing the first shots are of Ron Engstrom (KIA 1970)
And much much more.

To obtain a copy ring 02 8113 1063 and ask for Naomi Wanner (Film Australia). They will ask you for details. The cost is $53.80 including postage. This is well worth the expense – keep in mind there are copyright issues so no point in asking me to copy it for you.

You can preview it by segments but it is unsatisfactory way of doing it. Go to http://www.filmaust.com.au/library/default.asp In the window type in Army Apprentices 1965.
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