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From our Newsletter Editor

SWORD AND BATON: Senior Australian Army Officers from Federation to 2001

By Justin Chadwick, Big Sky Publishing Pty Ltd, Newport, N.S.W. : 2017

Volume 1: 1900 – 1939 is a collection of 86 biographies of senior Australian Army officers who reached the rank of MAJGEN from Federation to the outbreak of World War II. Each biography consists of a narrative of the subject’s life and then an analysis of their achievements and command style.

Author Justin Chadwick is now seeking input for Volume 2. Supported by the Army History Unit, he is currently writing biographies of MAJGENs Arthur (Doug) Powell and John William Kingston (both ex-RAEME). He has requested if anyone with recollections of those two officers could share them. Any information would be beneficial. He needs the personal side which is best supplied by those who knew him.

If you can help, send to your contact details and we’ll pass Justin’s email address to you so you can contact him directly.