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Balcombe 1948 - 1982

Bonegilla 1982 - 1995


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    Any person who enlisted into the Australian Army, with the rank of Apprentice and was allocated a class intake number, and attended the Army Apprentices School at Balcombe or Bonegilla or the Army College of TAFE at Bonegilla. Joining Fee $10 + Annual Fee $25
    Any person satisfying the requirement for member who is now no longer working full time or is drawing a DVA, Age or TPI pension. Joining Fee $10 + Annual Fee $20
    An Ordinary or Retired Member who has been a member of the Association for at least three (3) years and who, by virtue of their services to the Association, may be elevated to Life Member. Fee Nil
    Any other person who has been associated with a Service Apprentice Training Scheme, on payment of appropriate fees, may join the Association. An Associate has no voting rights and may not hold office. Joining Fee $10 + Annual Fee $20
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