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Balcombe 1948 - 1982

Bonegilla 1983 - 1995

Sponsors and Donors

It was estimated that the cost of construction of the Memorial would be in the region of $50,000.

Although it was hoped that labour costs could be reduced by Apprentice assistance in construction, this could not be relied on and monetary funding or assistance in kind were essential for the completion of the Memorial.

Fund Raising

Fund raising continues and consists of:

Pavers and plaques: Details of these can be found on the “Pavers and Plaques” page. All Apprentices are encouraged to assist by buying a paver or plaque.
Cash or in kind donations are always welcome and should be passed to the Association Treasurer, endorsed Memorial Fund, PO Box 4091, Kogarah Bay, NSW 2217. All donations will be appropriately recognised at the Memorial and on the Association Web site. Donations of $1000 or more will be recognised in a more permanent way.

Sponsorship packages. In this category, companies and corporations may have their contribution used directly towards meeting specific cost items, or contribute in kind. Recognition will be as for donations and incorporated in the sponsored item.

Recognition. To recognise by the generic plaque on the Memorial and on the Association Web page, all contributions under $1000.00


We wish to acknowledge the generosity of our Sponsors and Supporters.

English Engineering (Pat English – 24th)

ENGLISH ENGINEERING has been operating in Cairns and the surrounding areas since 1978. Able to offer welding and fabrication services, including on-site welding and cutting, English Engineering has a modern, efficient, cost effective fitting and machining shop with a steel and aluminium section available. On-site welding and fabrication services are carried throughout North Queensland with our mobile plant. A 24-hr, 7 day a week service is provided for customer service and backup.


The Committee also gratefully acknowledges the generous donations of the following:

  • 23rd Intake of $1000. Thanks guys.
  • 15th Intake, $1000. Great effort, thanks.
  • 17th Intake $1000 Fitter & Turners. Most generous contribution credited by Anthony Stafford to the Intake.
  • 11th Intake $100.00. Good on you guys, thanks.
  • Rob Hanlin (10 AD) of Hanlin Architects, Perth. Rob has kindly agreed to join the Sub-committee and contribute his time and that of his staff in developing the working drawings for the memorial and providing expert advice to the Sub-committee.
  • Greg Bayliss (21st Veh Mech) of Greg Bayliss Brick Supplies, Bathurst provided a tremendous boost with the donation and delivery of 4,000 bricks, enough to complete our brickwork. Thanks Greg.
  • Bertazzo Engineering in Wodonga have graciously agreed to manufacture the 1.5 metre bronze Apprentice School badge that will be the centre point of the memorial. Thanks Ray, this is a most valuable contribution.
  • Bruce and Lee McIlwraith 10th Intake $250.00. Thanks Bruce and Lee for your valuable assistance. Up the 10th!!!!
  • Raytheon Australia $5000.00. A most generous response and greatly appreciated.
  • Brian Roberts, 19th Intake Motor mechanic, $40.00 donation. Thanks for the help Brian.
  • Keith Lowe, 22nd Intake Fitter & Turner $40. Thanks Keith, much appreciated.
  • RAEME Corps Funds: Material for the construction of the gates. Thanks guys
  • ASEME Construction of the gates. This will provide a lasting link between the “old” Apprentices and the “New”. Thanks for the great contribution to the Apprentice Memorial.
  • Robert Fry 21st Intake, $40. Thanks Robert, much appreciated.
  • RAEME Association (Victoria) $500.00. Thanks to all your Victorian members.
  • BAE Systems Land Division, $5000.00. A tremendous boost towards our target. Your donation is greatly appreciated.
  • Frank Poole 10th Intake $120. Instead of Val coming to the reunion.
    Graeme Clare 20th Intake $500.00. Graeme, a great help and a sincere thank you.
  • Bill Merton 22nd Intake Vehicle Mech. $500.00. Bill, thank you for your generous support, on top of providing paper and assistance.
  • RAEME Association (Qld) $500.00 Truly great support from the RAEME
  • Bob Bale 24th Intake F & T $500.00 (Bale Defence Industries). Thanks Bob, a great contribution.
  • Greg Mulcahy 10th Intake $200.00. Thanks Greg for both the donation and your continuing help.
  • Pronto Mixed Concrete, Wodonga. The concrete and delivery for the paving slab. Thanks Tony, this will enable us to finish Phase 2 of the Memorial in time for dedication
  • RAE. Construction and erection of flagpole by SME. Great to see the Corps providing this assistance; thanks.
  • Brian Stapleton, 1st Intake, $500.00. Most generous Brian and greatly appreciated.
  • Department of Veteran Affairs, $4000 from the Saluting Their Service Commemorations Grants.
  • Wodonga City Council, $500. Accepted with thanks.
  • Bob Ludlow, 13th Intake, $90. Thanks very much Bob.
  • Pat English, 24th Intake, $200. Thanks Pat for the great help this will be.
  • John Scannell, 12th Intake, $120. Thanks John.
  • Premier Building and Construction Pty Ltd (Anthony Baker). Thanks for the assistance and advice and favourable pricing for construction and for photographic record of construction.
  • Sapper Assn of Northern Queensland. $200. Thanks greatly for the help.
  • David George $200. Thanks David for your contribution
  • Albury City Council $300. This donation does not reflect the generous assistance provided in organising the city march and general welcome and promotion; sincere thanks especially to Roz.
  • Frank Maloney, 13th Intake, $120. A belated thanks, Frank.