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Balcombe 1948 - 1982

Bonegilla 1983 - 1995

Pavers and Plaques

The Australian Army Apprentices Association has constructed a Memorial to all Army Apprentices at the Memorial Park, Bandiana, Victoria. The Memorial, which was dedicated at a ceremony on 26th October 2008, is dedicated to all Apprentices who supported the Australian Army in war and peace, and in particular to those who sacrificed their life in defence of Australia. It provides an opportunity for all Apprentices and their families to permanently record by means of plaques or inscribed pavers, their record of their place as an Army Apprentice. It also may be utilised as a resting place for their ashes; forever with their mates.

During construction of the Memorial, provision was made for Members to purchase inscribed pavers. Subsequently there have been a number of enquiries about adding more and investigations were undertaken to obtain a reasonably priced service. This has now been achieved and the Memorial Sub-committee has already communicated with a number of Members who previously expressed interest. This invitation is now being extended to all Apprentices and their families to avail them of this opportunity. In addition to the inscribed pavers, arrangements have been made with a supplier of cast bronze plaques which are now available in two formats.

Inscribed Paver

A single inscribed paver will accommodate up to 32 characters over two lines, similar to those already installed at the Memorial. The inscription is a matter of choice, as long as the letters fit. See the Association Forms below for the order form and details. The charge for these is $50. Double pavers are also available at $100.00

Bronze Plaque

This is a 10cm x 15cm plaque which provides for more text with up to six lines, each line containing up to 16 characters. Plaques are bronze and allow a greater amount of free text than the pavers. They are ideal for individual, intake or trade memories and are mounted on the sloping top of the side walls of the central pit which surrounds the flagpole and the badge. The charge for supply and fixing is $230.00. See the Association Forms below for the order form and details.

Remembrance Plaque

The other type of cast bronze plaque is the Remembrance Plaque which has been designed for the Apprentices Memorial at Bandiana, as it provides an enduring opportunity for our departed Apprentices to be remembered by visiting Apprentices, friends, relatives and visitors to the Memorial. This very personal remembrance is in the form of a cast bronze plaque which will be attached to either the Balcombe or Bonegilla wing walls abutting the gate support columns. It is an ideal commemoration to any Apprentice who has their ashes scattered at the Memorial.

Many Apprentices credit their years at the School and the trade and social values that were taught for their later lifestyle, values and successes and above all for the enduring mateships that characterises the Australian Army Apprentice “club”.
Much as the Association would like to offer this service free for all departed Apprentices, we obviously cannot and we need to ensure our costs are covered. To this end, we have agreed to a standard cast bronze plaque measuring 200mm x 175mm which at this point in time will cost $350.00. For this, the Association will have the plaque fabricated, taken to the Memorial, affixed to the wall and a small service organised if requested. See the Association Forms below for the order form and details.